December 2019

I’m starting to source music from a broader set of sources (television, film). I recently saw the film “Jojo Rabbit” and fell in love with the music choices. I added a couple songs from the film onto this playlist. These songs are actually German versions of old hits. Additionally, I’m adding old and new tunes together. Previously I tried to stick to new releases, but I found that quest to daunting at times.

  1. The Beatles - Komm gib mir deine Hand
  2. David Bowie - Helden
  3. Nicola Cruz - Cumbia del Olvido
  4. Spinning Coin - Visions At The Stars
  5. Parcels - I Will Always Love You
  6. Vulfpeck - Back Pocket
  7. John Mulaney - Music, Music Everywhere! (feat. Jake Gyllenhaal)
  8. Soccer Mommy - yellow is the color of her eyes
  9. Kate Davis - Cloud
  10. Tomberlin - Any Other Way